Zero Failure is at the core of everything we do from engineering design, manufacturing, service, maintenance and overhauls. Sigma has designed the spare parts catalogue to inform maintenance operators and help save time and money by keeping your HVAC running with maximum reliability and efficiency.

The SIGMA Air Conditioning Brand comprises a complete range of customized air conditioning equipment, with a product to suit all industrial, processing and smelter applications. SIGMA offer a unique split, vertical and horizontal modular design to suit various applications.


Industrial Overview Brochure
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SIGMA industrial equipment is manufactured in Australia to the highest of industry standards to suit the harshest of industrial conditions. Designed and engineered to withstand extreme ambient temperatures - up to 65⁰C, excesive shock & vibration and hazardous atmospheres. SIGMA Air Conditioning and HEPA filtration equipment assists to resolve OH&S issues, by providing a contaminant free, air conditioned space.

Sigma industrial equipment is most suitable to air condition operator cabins on mobile cranes, large overhead cranes, including control rooms for process equipment within aluminium smelters, where absolute reliability is critical and performance cannot be compromised.

SIGMA Knorr-Bremse Australia

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Industrial Range


Developed for environments containing gaseous or fibrous contaminants, the filter/pressuriser systems contain upto five (5) stages of filtration. The first two (2) stages of filtration efficiently remove sub-micron particulate from outside air, following by stage 3 customised filtration media to remove the specific gaseous or fibrous contaminant and finally stage 5 HEPA filtration

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Our E-Series air conditioner, 12VDC & 24VDC, has been designed and developed for cost effective medium duty off road applications. Refined to suit the application of vibration, dust and high ambient to suit rubber tyred quarry, construction and mobile fleets, where all components are readily available and provide reliable service and ease of service.

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Our M-Series heavy duty mains powered air conditioners are designed to provide controlled space conditions for crane operators cabins, control rooms, switch rooms and other applications where heavy shock loads, vibration and dust laden corrosive environments are experienced and ambient temperatures approach the extreme.

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Pilot Control Box

A control box provides the physical interface to allow an operator to control a piece of equipment and monitor its performance.

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