SIGMA Air Conditioning, a world leader for over 65 years in the design, manufacture, supply and service of specialised air conditioning equipment suitable for the transportation, mining, Industrial, defence and track maintenance industries where high ambient temperatures, severe vibration, dense particulate and corrosive environments prevail.

SIGMA innovative, smart thinking and uniquely designed equipment has attracted worldwide interest and acceptance, and in many cases is the industry benchmark. A leading global company, SIGMA have developed a comprehensive range of air conditioning and filtration equipment now manufactured across the globe in support of local transportation, mining, industrial and track maintenance markets.

SIGMA provides a ‘whole of life’ outlook for its products and provides tailored system solutions that deliver true value to our customers.

SIGMA is a Quality Assured company to IS09001 at all its operations and has extensive Research and Development facilities to ensure SIGMA’s equipment delivers maximum performance, reliability and value with minimum overall life cycle cost to our customers.