We want to make a positive contribution to sustainability and efficiency on mines, industry and defence– both for our customers and our environment. Every day. All over the world.

Our mission is to engineer thermal management solutions in collaboration with our partners and deliver sustainable class-leading heating & cooling solutions.

Sigma Air Conditioning is subsidiary of the Knorr-Bremse Group, based in Munich Germany, the world’s leading provider of system solutions for rail and commercial vehicles.

Designed & engineered in Australia for global deployment. With over 65 years of experience in specialised HVAC solution, we develop and design bespoke Heavy Duty HVAC Systems for the Mining, Industrial, Defence and Track maintenance markets and an OEM supplier to global brands.

From custom designs to providing Installation & maintenance services, we are Driven to Create the Best Solutions.


We recognise the changing demands in the world of Mining, with more focus given to innovations and smart thinking to achieve higher levels of operating performance. At SIGMA we have invested a lot of Smart Thinking to develop cash-flow positive heating and air conditioning solutions for implementation across the mining landscape.


Sigma industrial equipment is most suitable to air condition operator cabins on mobile cranes, large overhead cranes, including control rooms for process equipment within aluminium smelters, where absolute reliability is critical and performance cannot be compromised.


Sigma defence equipment is most suitable to air condition field medical, communication and maintenance shelters, including armoured personnel transport like Bushmaster, where absolute reliability is critical and performance cannot be compromised.


Sigma is a global leader In the field of track air conditioning providing solutions from the chill of Switzerland to the heat of Dubai. Since our first rail air-conditioning systems designed in the 1960’s for the harsh Australian conditions of the Perth to Sydney line to our cutting edge solutions now being delivered around the world, there is not a single Rail air-conditioning application that Sigma engineers have not designed for.

SIGMA Knorr-Bremse Australia

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Our Leadership

Anthony Fry

Group Manager, SIGMA MID


Charles McKenzie

National Sales Manager - Australia


Thomas Fisher

Sales Manager – North America


Joe Rotunno

Central & Southern Sales Manager


Anthony Benkovich

WA & SA Sales Representative


Gabrielle Dewhurst

National Sales Administration Manager


Sanjay Kapur

Technical Manager


Marcos Mateu

Product Manager


Natalia Palazon

Product Improvement Manager