In a world where transportation is constantly changing, evolving and delivering new challenges and opportunities – companies need to be competitive, to stay at the leading edge and provide more than ever before. Sigma is a global leader In the field of rail transport air conditioning providing solutions from the chill of Switzerland to the heat of Dubai. Since our first rail air-conditioning systems designed in the 1960’s for the harsh Australian conditions of the Perth to Sydney line to our cutting edge solutions now being delivered around the world, there is not a single Rail air-conditioning application that Sigma engineers have not designed for. From the desert and tropics to high density metro and intercity lines above and below ground Sigma delivers heating and air-conditioning solutions integrated effectively into new and existing railway vehicles.

Sigma aims to understand, meet and exceed the unique requirements of modern rail travel. We understand that heating or cooling passengers has to take into account air distribution, temperature gradients and the many existing components and systems that form part of the railway vehicle, whatever the requirement Sigma delivers.

As part of the Knorr-Bremse group we have the operational and financial strength to reliably deliver on any project. With life cycle responsibility of our solutions Sigma will be here for the long run satisfying passengers and drivers with total air comfort, operators with high quality, low cost solutions that meet ever changing environmental demands. Sigma is the right choice for any rail transport air-conditioning project, anywhere in the world.

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