Have you ever thought how much fuel you might be using when large mining machinery such as dozers, haul trucks loaders are idling for long periods?

At SIGMA we have invested a lot of smart thinking into this, especially as one of the primary reasons for keeping the engine running is to maintain the cabin air conditioning for driver comfort and safety. This is usual practice considering the harsh, extreme hot or extreme cold conditions that many operators face every day.

Because Sigma air conditioning systems are built for the toughest air conditions we decided to take on the tough task of reducing mining fuel costs and extending service intervals by developing an anti idling system that cuts fuel consumption and maintains a comfortable cabin temperature.

The Fuel savings can be considerable. An average 300-ton haul truck can consume up to $1m in diesel fuel per year. Operational data highlights that above ground mine equipment, especially haul trucks and dozers can sit at idle for between 10 and 30% a day and underground mine equipment can idle as much as 15 to 50% a day.

At SIGMA we’ve developed the solution, SIGMA’s HUF6BX1 Anti-Idle System will maintain comfortable operator cabin conditions, turn the engine off during times where the engine would otherwise idle, resulting in a cash-flow positive HVAC solution.

Key benefits include:

• Reducing Engine Run Hours and therefore offsetting service intervals and major overhaul schedules.

• Fuel Savings

• Kinder to the environment thru reduced emissions.

• Redundancy in the event of engine drive compressor failure.